Print disruptors

Print disruptors

Manoj George is Sales Director Central Europe & Italy and Company Officer of Pitney Bowes Deutschland GmbH gives a guide to the current top five disruptive forces in the print industry. We’ve reached a pivotal point in the print and finishing industry, and it’s incredibly exciting. Rather than jostling to find its place in the digital world, print has carved out a strong position for businesses as consumers value its credibility, its authenticity and its staying power. Physical and digital have found their place to create the perfect, symbiotic partnership. And Hunkeler Innovationdays 2017 is a global stage where Pitney Bowes will demonstrate this.

What is it about print industry events that is so compelling? For me, it’s the multi-sensory experience: the noise of supersonic print technologies hard at work; the smell of ink being stamped on feeds of paper by next-generation hardware; and the vibrant, dynamic atmosphere. There is also a camaraderie, a comradeship which comes from competitors within an industry they love coming together under one roof, to proudly showcase their physical and digital innovations. And there’s a shared sense of excitement, about collectively driving change and digital disruption within one of the world’s most historic industries.

Digital disruption continues to drive change at an unprecedented level across the industry, as businesses find new ways of delivering an outstanding, personalised customer experience. Print buyers must integrate this disruption into their strategic plans to generate success and fuel growth.  There are many disruptive forces in the print and finishing industry that will impact your business but for the purposes of time (and assuming your coffee will have gone cold by the time you’ve read them all), I’ll limit them to my top five:


  • Digital transformation 

Digital transformation lies at the heart of delivering a positive, consistent customer experience.  Operationally, it is about improving productivity and performance across systems, processes and workflows to take advantage of the digital world. It drives:

  • Operational Excellence;
  • Industry-Leading Compliance
  • Higher-Value Communications
  • Omni-Channel Customer Engagement

But its impact is far more wide-reaching. It’s about achieving growth and sustainability through innovation. And, crucially, it’s about structuring our business around our customers.


  • Data and the Industrial Internet

90% of the data available in our world today has been created in the past two years. Big data has become huge data. But it’s even more than that now, as the software we use to process the data unlocks even more fascinating insights – from the ‘where?’ to the ‘Why, how, when and who with?’. Data is a catalyst for change, a vital business asset and a foundation for growth. As big data becomes even bigger, so does our need to understand it.  The Industrial Internet brings together powerful machines, smart processes, skilled people and advanced analytics across manufacturing and commerce, connecting them across a global network. Businesses have never had access to this data before. They can use it to give them real insight that solves issues and answers questions.  And at its centre? The ability to deliver an improved customer experience with state-of-the-art, outcome-based software.


  • Cloud

Cloud has integrated seamlessly into our lives without us realising. From photo storage to fitness, shopping to fast food delivery, the cloud and the tools it enables have achieved what the very best innovations set out to do: to revolutionise the way we do things, but in a simple way.  Likewise in the borderless world of commerce, cloud-based technologies help us drive collaboration, mobility and flexibility. Powerful industrial cloud-based platforms form central hubs for turbocharged, high-impact print jobs.


  • High Definition Nozzle Architecture – or HDNA

HDNA combines the power of innovative physical technology with the precision of intelligent digital platforms. Creating a razor-sharp, high definition, full-colour physical communication gives companies credibility, integrity and a strong strategic advantage. It drives customer engagement, generates brand recognition and boosts performance. HDNA facilitates next-generation digital printing.


  • Interactive Personalised Video

Yes, this is digital rather than physical, but its beauty lies in its ability to enhance, direct and work in synergy with print: for example, physical mailings with PURLs (Personalised URLs) direct the recipient to a tailored website where they can launch their own interactive video. Physical transactional mail can be supported by interactive personalised video which educates, literally talking customers through the small print. It’s a gamechanger for the industry and it’s transforming customer engagement.

Pitney Bowes will be at Hunkeler Innovationdays, Messe Luzern, exhibition Allmend Lucerne, Hall 1 and 2 in Lucerne, Switzerland from Monday, Feb 20, 2017 – Thursday, Feb 23, 2017.  Marc Hirtz and Manor George from Pitney Bowes will present at the DOXNET on-site event on Tuesday February 21st, 2017 from 1pm. Their session will focus on the power of connecting physical and digital communications with a focus on high volume print and mail and personalised video. Register online at:

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